Melt Belly Fat With Green Tea and Lemon- Woman’s World

Melt Belly Fat With Green Tea and Lemon- Woman's World

We aren’t here to judge anyone who may have overindulged during the holidays. That’s all part of the fun, right? But we understand if you’re hoping to melt a little excess belly fat as you start the new year — and we’ve got good news: Sipping on a deliciously refreshing beverage can help!

The answer? Green tea with lemon. It’s listed on Dr. Oz’s website as one of his “ridiculously simple diet tips” that are all specifically aimed at slimming our midsections. Of course, there’s a good chance you already drink this popular tea for its well-known benefits (or just because it tastes great).

However, Dr. Oz points out that our body can’t fully process all of the healthy antioxidants in the tea on its own. “Adding lemon juice to green tea helps your body pull out up to six times more antioxidants from the green tea – supercharging its belly-melting power,” he claims.

It also couldn’t be easier to make. Just steep your favorite brand — we’re fans of FGO Organic Green Tea Bags (Buy from Amazon, $20) — and squeeze half a lemon’s juice. You can even let it cool or enjoy it iced. Dr. Oz suggests sipping this “Green Arnold Palmer” twice a day for the belly fat-blasting results.

Of course, the tea mixture isn’t a magical elixir all on its own. Avoiding what Dr. Oz calls “carbage” (a fun play on carbs and garbage) and concentrating on healthy fruits and veggies instead is also important. He also lists yummy options like pumpkin, yogurt, and pineapple as food that will help melt belly fat.

And don’t forget to get in some exercise now and then, too. Combining this refreshing beverage with regular activity like walking can help you look and feel your best in the coming year.

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